Wednesday – November 30, 2011

0830 – 1000

As a subset of the life sciences industry, the medical technology (MedTech) sector represents an attractive investment opportunity that is well-suited for angel investment because of lower development costs, shorter time to commercialization, and faster exits compared to biotechnology/drug development. In the US, VC investments in the MedTech sector have outperformed investments in non-life sciences sectors and MedTech has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 and Pharma indices over the past decade. Sector performance combined with robust M&A activity illustrates viable exit opportunities for emerging MedTech companies. Furthermore, government funding programs, such as HTX that support commercialization within the MedTech sector, have brought development dollars to de-risk MedTech opportunities for subsequent investment. Yet angel investment in Canada’s MedTech sector has not kept pace when compared to other sectors such as ICT. This panel discussion will examine the current state of MedTech angel investment in Canada, highlight successful med tech deals, and explore the opportunities and challenges associated with increasing angel investment in the sector.

Moderator: Norman Pyo