Ian Curry – President & Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining DNA Genotek in 2004, Mr. Curry spent 9 years as a key leader of Entrust, Inc. He joined the company in its startup phase and played an instrumental role in creating a new market, ultimately growing Entrust to a global leader in Internet security software with over $200 million ($Cdn) in revenue in 2000. He participated in Entrust’s 1998 initial public offering and a secondary offering in 2000. Mr. Curry’s management skills enabled him to be successful at a variety of executive roles, including Chief Marketing Officer, President of Entrust.net (a subsidiary launched by Mr. Curry in 1999), Vice President of Investor Relations, and Vice President of Product Management. Directly prior to joining Entrust, he attended MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He holds a Master’s in Science (Management) from MIT and a Bachelor of Science (Honours, Computer Science) from The University of Western Ontario.